How to Make a DIY Party Backdrop With Paper Plates

DIY Party Backdrop With Flower Paper Plates

How to Make a DIY Party Backdrop With Paper Plates

Every party needs an Instagrammable moment! This DIY party backdrop made from paper plates was so easy and chic. A “flower wall” would be super cute for a birthday celebration, bridal shower, baby shower or bachelorette party. It took under 10 minutes to set up.

The only supplies you need for this photo backdrop project are a few packs of paper plates and a roll of blue painter’s tape. I used 3 packs of flower-shaped plates (for a total of 24) from Meri Meri. I liked these because each pack had 8 different colors of roses, but they all went together for a gorgeous pastel color palette. The key to making this backdrop look more elevated is choosing a plate that’s cut out in a unique shape instead of a regular round plate. If roses aren’t your thing, hearts, stars or hexagons are some other fun ideas! Meri Meri has the cutest selection of disposable party supplies if you’re looking for inspiration. I’m also obsessed with their lemon-shaped ones that give off major Amalfi Coast vibes for an Italy-inspired celebration or palm leaf plates for a tropical theme.


To set up this photo backdrop, I chose a corner in my apartment with available wall space. I already had a pink velvet chair in that spot, too, that was fun to sit on for pictures. Hanging the plates on multiple walls gave it more dimension, but this would also look really great on one big wall as a focal point of the party. You could use this backdrop behind a food, cake or gift table.

I was extra careful with the walls since my apartment is a rental, but the plates came off with no problem. I was even able to move them around to try out two different looks. Initially, I mixed up all the different colors, and then I switched it up and color blocked the plates for an ombré look. After I took the entire backdrop down, every single plate was still intact. I was even able to save them to reuse for a future party.

DIY Party Backdrop- Ombre Flower Plates

Another bonus of this DIY is how affordable it is. I spent about $30 total to create this, and it made a major impact. You could do this for even less if you can find plates you love at Target, Party City or Amazon.

I will definitely be trying this again for the next bachelorette party I attend. When you’re traveling, it can be tough to pack fun decorations, but these supplies take up barely any space. You could easily put this up at a rental home or hotel without leaving a single mark on the wall.

Did you try this DIY party backdrop? And do you like all the colors mixed together or the color-blocked look? Let me know in the comments!

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