How to Create an Easter Mimosa Bar

Easter Mimosa Bar

How to Create an Easter Mimosa Bar

Sunday brunch calls for make your own mimosas! I set up this bunny mimosa bar for an early Easter celebration with my family. I was aiming for an elevated spin on your typical brunch beverages. Here are the keys to creating a good mimosa bar.

Arrange the Juices + Bubbly

You’ll want to display the juices in a stylish way, so add some matching carafes to your cart. I chose this set of three from Amazon because they came with lids, which make it easy to prep in advance and store them in the fridge. I also wanted ones that are glass since they look nicer and last longer. Plus, I noticed many of the plastic versions available contain BPA, which is a toxic chemical I definitely don’t want in my house.

For the juice varieties, I offered orange juice for classic mimosas, Looza peach purée for bellinis and Ocean Spray grapefruit juice for another fun flavor. Although it’s not pictured, we also tested out cranberry juice as a mixer, and it was a big hit. I served these with La Marca Prosecco, which is affordable and delicious for mimosas. You can, of course, use champagne, but I usually save my nicer bottles for occasions where I’m not mixing it.

Pro tip: I use a 50/50 ratio of juice to bubbly and serve the mimosas in a champagne flute. I can make about 7-8 mimosas per standard bottle of prosecco. Use this to calculate how many bottles you will need for your bar.

Style With Easter Straws + Decor

To give the mimosa bar an Easter theme, I put out these bunny straws. I also pulled a few decor items from around the house. I perched the straw bunny onto a cake stand to give the whole set-up some additional height and added the silver egg as another spring decoration.

Bunny straws for mimosa bar

Add Your Own Touches

If you’re setting this up for a large celebration, I’d also recommend creating pretty labels for each of the juices so guests know what they’re getting. You could put them around the neck of the carafe using ribbon and a hole-punched label or use tented cards that go in front of each juice. Some other fun possible additions to the mimosa bar: fresh fruit and cute cocktail napkins. Berries, oranges and grapefruit slices could all pair nicely with these beverages.

Easter mimosa brunch with juices, prosecco, bunny straws and Easter decor

Will you be trying an Easter mimosa bar this year? What special touches are you adding? Let me know in the comments!

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