11 Creative Ways to Entertain Event Guests During Covid

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11 Creative Ways to Entertain Event Guests During Covid

No dancing? No mingling? These Covid-19 rules might sound like a major bummer, but you can still throw an amazing event. You just need to get a little bit creative. If your state has strict laws about what you can do at gatherings, use this opportunity to provide out-of-the-box entertainment that will make your party memorable and, most importantly, keep your guests safe.

Whether you’re hosting a micro wedding, small birthday celebration or bridal shower, there are so many ways to keep things fun and fresh with seated entertainment or socially distant activities. Steal one of these ideas for your upcoming event until people are comfortable hitting the dance floor once again.

Musical Performance

Give your event a concert feel by bringing in a musical act. There’s something to suit every party from an a cappella group (pro tip: contact local colleges to find young talent at an affordable price) to a chill acoustic guitar player. If you’re going for a high-energy moment, bring in a drumming group outfitted in LED suits or an electric violinist to accompany the DJ for a few songs.

Extra Courses

Create a total culinary experience by adding on to a traditional two or three course meal. For instance, start with an amuse bouché, which is basically just a delicious bite-sized appetizer. Make the portions smaller and pace the courses throughout the evening to keep people more engaged and excited about the cuisine.

Trivia Time

Instead of having a cocktail hour where guests may congregate, have everyone go straight to their seats for a few rounds of trivia. Team up with your table to answer general knowledge questions or “how well do you know the guest of honor” quizzes. You can order cute pre-made trivia sheets (check out these ones for bridal showers, baby showers or birthdays) or print out personalized answer sheets with your event branding and customized questions. As an extra touch, provide a few small prizes for the winning team.

Comedy Act

Get guests laughing with a comedy performance. While guests are enjoying after-dinner cocktails or coffee, have the comedian do a 30-minute set. This could work so well for a milestone birthday or a wedding reception since you’re safely seated six feet apart the entire time. You can even have the comedian throw in some jokes tailored to your crowd.

Wine or Spirit Tasting

I love this for an intimate dinner. Choose three wine varieties and have a sommelier share a few facts about each glass. You can take it up a notch by pairing wines with each course. If you’re really ready to party, you could opt for a spirit tasting. Whiskey or tequila, anyone? A mini journal and pencil for tasting notes would make a cute favor to go with this experience.

Wine Tasting

Magic Show

I know magic may elicit an eye roll, but it’s not just for kids! There are tons of high-end mentalists that will impress even the most skeptical guests. Last year, I planned a hour-long magic performance for a corporate event, and his tricks were the talk of the evening.

Photo Area

Ditch the germ-prone props and build out a super cool photo area. Order a custom backdrop, create a balloon or flower wall or rent vintage lounge furniture to make a cool vignette. You can also think beyond the regular photo booth and go for a video version or 365 degree red carpet-style cam. Avoid lines by letting each group know when it’s their turn to use the booth. Pro tip: Make sure only photo booth staff are operating the touch screen to keep things sanitary.

Caricature Artist

Hire a few talented caricature artists to stroll around the party and safely sketch your friends and family from a distance. These days, many artists draw digitally on iPads, so you can make the whole experience contact-free by emailing the final product. If cartoon-like designs aren’t your thing, browse portfolios of local artists to find someone who does elegant fashion-style drawings or more realistic portraits.

Coffee or Dessert Carts

You can never go wrong with more treats and refreshments! A coffee cart is très chic for both a daytime or evening party. Up the cool factor by having a latte artist add special designs on the top of your espresso drinks. If you’re more into delicious desserts, choose a cart that serves gelato or waffles. As an extra coronavirus precaution, make sure to staff the cart instead of going with the self-serve option and place social distancing stickers on the floor to space out guests.

Board Games

Have some good old-fashioned fun with board games. Mix it up with peg games that can be played solo and multi-player games like checkers, Connect Four and Guess Who. Bonus points if you can purchase or paint these games in a color palette that matches your party. Even if guests at each table are quarantining together, ensure hand sanitizer is easily available for between rounds.

Flower Arranging

This is the perfect activity for a small shower or ladies’ luncheon. Set up a station for each person with a pretty vase, some fresh blooms and their own pruning shears. You can buy flower clippers inexpensively on Amazon and let guests take them home. Bring in an experienced florist to provide tips and tricks for making a gorgeous arrangement.

How are you entertaining your guests during events in the Covid-19 era? Let me know in the comments!

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