Classic Christmas Table Centerpiece With Reindeer

Classic Christmas table with reindeer

Classic Christmas Table Centerpiece With Reindeer

This year’s vibe is a very classic Christmas! From the red, green and gold colors to the reindeer decor, my Christmas table is totally traditional.

Grab a Garland

The base of this whole set-up is the green garland — it’s a holiday decorating must-have. Drape it down the middle of your table as a starting point for your centerpiece. Nestle in votive candles, berry sprigs or ornaments in various sizes to amp it up.

Classic Christmas place setting

Pick a Theme

A theme makes the table feel cohesive, and this year I chose reindeer! I incorporated silver and gold reindeer figurines and reindeer napkin rings. Last year, my theme was neutral tabletop trees with a pop of pink. I also love the idea of a snowy winter wonderland, nutcracker or candy cane theme — saving those for next year!

Make It Cozy

Christmas calls for a cozy dinner table. The best way to make it feel inviting is to add fabric through a tablecloth or cloth napkins. Linens soften up the look, and they’re practical for so many reasons. Save your wood table from spills and stains by using a tablecloth or keep your dinner party a little greener by choosing cloth over paper napkins.

Classic Christmas centerpiece

Use the ‘Negative Space’ Design Principle

If your home is already decked out for Christmas, every inch of the table doesn’t need to be decorated too. It’s important to have negative space (also called white space) between the design elements. Your Christmas tree and other festive decor already add to the ambiance. Leave empty space on the table so the room doesn’t become visually overwhelming. I focused all the tinsel and trimmings in the center and kept the settings simple with a single charger plate. Layering plates here would have made it too busy and over-the-top.

What do you think of this Christmas table with reindeer? Do you like the traditional vibe or do you prefer more modern decor?

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