6 Ways to Keep Up Momentum for Postponed Weddings

6 Ways to Keep Up Momentum for Postponed Weddings

If you pushed back your wedding due to Covid-19, it can be easy to step back from the planning process. The disappointment combined with a long pause from any wedding-related activities can cause some of that initial excitement of being a bride to fade away. Even if you’ve already shifted all the key vendors and made most of your decisions, there are still plenty of ways to maintain the enthusiasm for you and your guests. Here are a few ideas to keep the momentum strong:

Send a Change the Date

Whether you send a beautiful paper card announcing your new date or a chic digital version, it’s another chance to stay top of mind. Besides communicating important details, it can also give guests a different look at your theme and color palette.

Refresh Your Wedding Website & Registry

You probably created the site when you first got engaged, and in the months that have passed, you’ve likely taken tons of cute new pics with your fiancé. Take this opportunity to share a few snaps from your latest adventure. You can also review your registry to add anything you might have missed the first go-round.

Update Your Timeline

Create a new planning timeline with all your remaining to-dos. It will be much easier to do a little bit each month than saving everything until the last minute. There are always items that can be started early like initial floor plans, the wedding day schedule and a list of must-have shots for your photographer.

Space Out Your Pre-Wedding Events

If you didn’t get to celebrate any of your wedding festivities like bachelor or bachelorette parties or a bridal shower, see if you can spread them out to build anticipation. It will benefit your friends too — their wedding-related expenses will be dispersed more than usual.

Take a Dance Class

Sign up for a virtual or IRL lesson to learn some choreography for your first dance. It’s a fun bonding activity with your future spouse, and it will make you more comfortable on the dance floor.

Work on the Design and Details

If your wedding changed seasons or locations, you may need to tweak your design plan. Find some new inspiration images and talk to your florist or event designer about what flowers will be in season. For those that are set on their decor, there are always fun DIY elements to add. Now that you have the extra time,  you can write personalized notes for each welcome bag, learn calligraphy for the place cards or make a gorgeous welcome sign.

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