5 Things to Include in Your Wedding Budget – And 3 Things to Skip!

5 Things to Include in Your Wedding Budget – And 3 Things to Skip!

Decisions, decisions! When creating your budget, you’ll want to consider what expenses feel totally worth the money and where you can save a bit. Here are my recommendations for what to splurge on.

Printed Save the Date

While invitations arrive in mailboxes only a few weeks before the wedding, the save the date stays on the fridge for months! Every time your friends see it, it will build excitement for the festivities. It’s your first chance to hint at what’s to come and make an impression on your guests – so make it count!


There’s nothing people appreciate more than a hassle-free shuttle from the hotel to the wedding. If you organize a bus to and from your venue, everyone can sip on a few specialty cocktails without stressing about driving or late-night Uber surge pricing. A helpful tip: Most transportation companies will require you to pay for the time they’re waiting for the return trip. Make use of those hours and offer an earlier trip back to the hotel for those guests sneaking out after cake.


A little specialty lighting can go a long way! A few moving lights on the dance floor will amp up the energy and create a club-like vibe for dancing. Want to kick it up another notch? Add pinspots to highlight your centerpieces so those gorgeous peonies really pop.

Welcome Amenity

Thank your guests for traveling to your destination weekend by leaving a welcome gift at the hotel. It can be as simple as a welcome note and a few of your favorite snacks. Something sweet, something salty and a beverage makes a perfect combo.

Hair and Makeup Touch-Ups

It’s your day to feel like a queen! Wedding days are long, and you will finish with your glam squad a few hours before you actually walk down the aisle. It’s so worth having them stay through the ceremony to fix any smudged eyeliner from your happy tears or a hair that’s out of place from all the hugs. Your hair and makeup artist will normally offer an hourly rate to stay on-site and keep you looking fresh.

And the items you can totally skip …

 A Champagne Toast

Most people will be happy toasting with wine, water or whatever else they’re drinking. While it can certainly be a classy touch, many glasses of bubbly will go virtually untouched. Save the money here and put it toward upgraded liquor, a special dessert or extra cocktail hour canapes.

Fancy Wedding Shoes

Unless you’re wearing a short dress, no one will ever see them! Instead of splurging on a designer pair, choose something you’ll be able to dance in. Put that money toward awesome accessories or those hair and makeup touchups.


Favors can be a nice parting gesture, but they’re definitely not required. If you keep the festivities going, they can be a bit cumbersome to carry to the after party. Foregoing the favors can save you a few hundred dollars that are better spent on an extra hour for the band or a fun photo booth.

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