5 Flowers in Season for Your Fall Celebrations

Dahlias and roses

5 Flowers in Season for Your Fall Celebrations

Fall is one of my favorite times for flowers, and there are so many good reasons to decorate! Besides Halloween and Thanksgiving festivities, did you know autumn is the most popular time of the year to get married? According to WeddingWire, the most couples tie the knot in October, closely followed by September. So whether you’re planning a fall wedding or plotting an amazing turkey day table to impress your relatives, here are a few blooms that will steal the show.


These beauties start blooming in the summer and carry into early fall! They come in a rainbow of fall inspired colors from deep burgundy and orange to creamy ivory. I’m using them as the feature flower for my wedding next year.


Look for celosia (aka coxcomb) to use in your spooky Halloween centerpieces! The texture of the petals resembles a brain, making it perfect for October events. It’s available in orange, dark red and dark purple varieties that can be ~hauntingly~ beautiful.


You can find these fall staples at every farmer’s market or grocery store, but they’re popular for a reason. Potted chrysanthemums are low-maintenance and look equally festive outside on your porch or inside on your table.


The color contrast between the petals and the center is what makes anemones so striking. If you have an event in late fall, you need to add these bold blooms to your arrangements. They would definitely suit anyone looking for a modern vibe for their party.

Garden Roses

This rose variety is amazing for any time of year, so I had to include them on my list. They are larger and have a softer, more ruffled look than a standard rose. Bright red or mustard yellow would look fab for any autumn event.

Of course, flower availability can be unpredictable since they are nature after all. If you’re stopping by your local flower shop or planning your party with a florist or event designer, ask them which seasonal blooms have been looking good lately to make sure you’re getting the best deals and best quality product.


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